Music Review: ‘Happy Ending’

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Saif Ali Khan in 'Happy Ending'
Saif Ali Khan in 'Happy Ending'

Saif Ali Khan delivered a flop with director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. last year with ‘Go Goa Gone’ (2013). The team is back together again to deliver a romantic comedy this November called ‘Happy Ending’ (2014). With a good cast mix including Govinda, Ileana D’Cruz, Kalki and Ranvir Shorey supporting Saif Ali Khan this could be a surprise hit this year as the trailers do look interesting. Will music by duo Sachin – Jigar be that extra factor to make this film a hit is to be seen. The duo sure have talent and currently on a roll in 2014 as one of the most sought music director’s thanks to their work in ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ (2014), ‘Entertainment’ (2014) and ‘Finding Fanny’ (2014). Amitabh Bhattacharya and Priya Saraiya are leading the lyrics on the album.


Music Review: 'Happy Ending'
Music Review: 'Happy Ending'

Starting with a stunningly fresh song Mileya Mileya that sees the return of the hugely talented Rekha Bhardwaj onto the microphone. Sachin – Jigar do something different her soulful soft folk voice and create an upbeat soft lounge song with Saxophones and ambient beats and keyboards. The tempo of the song is just right and works well with the lyrics to make this is a slow Disco song. The sax solo work is very good and the arrangement of the song is very smooth. Jigar does a fairly good job with Priya Andrews on the supporting vocals but Rekha is just brilliant and effortless. Lyrics by Priya Saraiya are deep and very nicely put together with some Punjabi lyrics. Meaningful and deep the lyrics have different dimensions. Sadly this is offbeat and so might not be a commercial success but it sure is the one to listen to and enjoy in your personal time.


Paaji Tussi such a Pussycat is already a hit from the album and has Amitabh Bhattacharya written all over it! Not just written by him but also sung by the genius who is amazing with the pen and also behind the mic. This is an innovative song that is funny and cool and totally in the league of Papu Can’t Dance Saala style of a song with more character personality to it. The use of Punjabi lyrics is very smart and the choice of words to describe the character is just simply cool but very cheesy and so not everyone’s cup of tea. Traditionalists will be saying what rubbish this is but listen a few times to it and its brilliance will grow on one. Musically the work by the duo is quite refreshing with an interesting mix of instruments that has a good vibe. Whistles, hums and trumpets, double bass all feature nicely in this song. Amitabh�۪s vocals are quite cool with Jigar and Divya Kumar doing the backing harmonies.��Total commercial and critical hit!


Lyricist Priya Saraiya gets on the mic this time around with the amazing Arijit Singh to deliver a love ballad called Jaise Mera Tu. The song is an average romantic tune and similar to a number of Arijit Singh’s previous songs. Listening to Priya is quite refreshing though who delivers a soft melodic vocal to complement Arijit’s vocal twists. The music composition is quite average and lacks the inventive streak of the previous song but it still is a fairly good listen and pleasing to hear. Lyrics are heart-warming and with some good angles to the concept of love between Saif and Ileana in this case.

G Phaad Ke is a kinda poor attempt to create a party tune in the style of the Honey Singh’s and Badshaah’s of Bollywood. But the keyboard synths sound quite artificial and the vocal renditions by Shefali Alvares and Divya Kumar are average. The song could have been technically much better and so could the lyrics by Ashish Pandit that are put together for the simple club goer to sing along to after after a few drinks. Overall the song will be used in clubs but it will not last long on the club hits playlist.


Khamma Ghani is a folk song that has been adapted for the film with well written Hindi lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya that talk about the patient wait and call for one’s love after a low in the relationship. Interestingly Sachin – Jigar have chosen Papon as the lead vocalist instead of Arijit and he does a smashing job! Supported by Smita Hain and Vidhi Mehta , Papon takes a strong lead with a soulful performance to a raw snare drum beat and keyboard work. The music is very nicely arranged for it to be soothing keeping the Gujarati folk bits of composition on in the song. The soft rock fusion instrumentation is refreshing to say the least.


Haseena Tu Kameena Mein is an average fun romantic number with with a naughty streak to it. The urban beat style of of the song is composed for the college audience with with the voices of Siddharth Basrur, Rahul Pandey and Shruti Pathak who all do a very good job. Shruti is a treat to listen to as always and the melodic voice of the Siddharth is worth listening to. But unfortunately the lyrics by Amitabh are not that great because of which this song won’t work well in in the commercial market and barely get any media airplay. Music is not too innovative either and quite standard run of the mill making this an average listen.



Sachin – Jigar make a good overall attempt to deliver a soundtrack that has some personality and can stand out from the rest while trying to be a commercial and critical success as well. Although it is a good try but not a winner really for a proper ��Happy Ending�۪! The album lacks sizeable sound that would work in the clubs, radio and TV. The work of Amitabh produces a missed bag of lyrics while Sachin – Jigar are consistent in their musical work but average overall. Mileya Mileya is the best piece of work on the album with Rekha Bhardwaj and Paaji Tussi such a Pussycat is an interesting one and very innovative. Will G Phaad Ke become a hit is doubtful but yet to be seen. Jaise Mera Tu might get some radio play but it just about misses the mark on the composition front to be a hit. The OST overall is worth listening to but not on repeat. It loses life after a few plays.


Overall Rating – 7/10