Music Review: ‘Good Newwz’

'Good Newwz'

Debutant director Raj Mehta gets his hands on a strong cast of Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani for his first release ‘Good Newwz’ coming to the cinemas for the new year holidays. Produced by Karan Johar the film is the goof up of the year with two couples dealing with an IVF mix up at the clinic. A complete chaotic comic adventure, the trailers do bring out the story quite well setting up good expectations from this movie. For a cool and young couples movie this film should have a good commercial soundtrack that should have the typical party numbers, fun romantic numbers and perhaps some comic songs too. The album is a mix and match with a whole load of producers, lyricists, singers and musicians coming together to end the year with a banging music album.

The first single Chandigarh Mein is as expected a big party number with some killer beats. In the words of Karan Johan who opens the song this is an original (not a remake) and that is a refreshing change! Tanishk Bagchi is the man behind the massive beats of this song with a composition that is sticky is Fevicol! The tempo is super groovy and the melody mash up with mandolin, dhol with synthetic beats and a Karnatic style shennai is something very innovative and superbly programmed instrumentation. The mix of strings, beats, keys and trumpets is common to almost every song but his creative imagination of putting these specific instruments together leads to an epic dance tune that can become a hit throughout India mixing the Punjabi vibes to Southern Karnatic vibes. Bagchi even has written the lyrics that are not rocket science but terrific for a cheesy party number like this one. Badshah breaks in to yet another typical rap segment that he is known for and does as good a job as he did in his first biggie Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai. He is in his element with a well written & stylish rap that jells well with the vocals of Harrdy Sandhu, Lisa Mishra and Asees Kaur. Kaur rules with the hook chorus segment and sounds super sexy while Sandhu is the star of the song leading a really fun vocal here. The video has some cute moments with good choreography and excellent styling. The foursome are looking great and the whole setup with lights and chandeliers works. But still the Mandolin is still the real hero of the song! This is a sure shot hit and perhaps the biggest party tune for the end of the year parties. If nothing else Bagchi will have all of Chandigarh grooving to this song in every car with their windows down! 4/5

Capitalising on the timing of the film with the wedding season in India, the next single Sauda Khara Khara is a remake of the original Bhangra king of India – Sukhbir’s hit who back in the day took Punjabi music to the masses like no one else! Kumaar puts in a good amount of new lyrics to create brand new stanzas while only using the chorus of Sukhbir’s 1999 hit. The lyrics are very vibrant with a strong romantic factor making it fit for a wedding scene. There is a strong touch of attitude and tease to the lyrics as well that makes it playfully fun to listen to but while keeping it super simple hinging strongly on the chorus. The music by Lijo George – DJ Chetas has a strong Punjabi tinge to it as expected for a wedding song.. while Sukhbir has added in the hooks and fast dhol beats from his original. There is a good amount of musical variation in the song that keeps the listener constantly engaged. The interesting twist to the song is that instead of Sukhbir, Dosanjh leads the vocal here with Dhvani Bhanushali while Sukhbir sticks to the chorus. Dosanjh gives a nice folkish Punjabi touch giving it more of a Bhangra touch while Bhanushali brings the attitude and sass to her vocal. The video is colorful and well executed with Advani bringing in the hot moves. All in all a decent good party number for the season ahead and it is good to see Sukhbir back in style. But it is not the best wedding number on the block not the best remake you would have heard this year. It does sound like one is trying a little hard to impress with this number.  3/5


B Praak delivers Maana Dil next which is a sad romantic number. His voice is deep and piercing. Having a strong voice as his for this song gives a different dimension to the song making the message of the lyrics very effective. His vocal is fabulous and especially on the chorus it resonates strongly with the emotions of the words. Rashmi Virag have written such lyrics that are very well structured around the rhymes and the flow is gorgeous. They capture a mix bag of emotions that represent the ups and downs in a relationship and the heart break that the words represent really can be felt through Praak’s voice. Bagchi keeps the song bare bones with a simple acoustic guitar, violins in the background and some soothing mandolin towards the end so as to let Praak’s voice travel deeper. He focuses more so on the arrangement which is very nice and has an easy flow to it. Overall this is a beautiful number that should help make Praak a bigger star than he is currently in Bollywood. 3.5/5

More singles from ‘Good Newwz’ will be reviewed on this page when they become available.

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