Music Review: ‘Aksar 2’


Eleven years after ‘Aksar’ (2006) director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan has written the next chapter in this series and releasing soon is ‘Aksar 2’ (2017) starring hot Zareen Khan and TV superstar Gautam Rode in the leading roles. A romantic thriller, the film is expected to have a lot of romance, sex, heart break and revenge if the trailers are anything to go by. Music of 2006 ‘Aksar’ was immortalised by Himmesh Reshamiya at his peak then with songs like Jhalak Dikhlaja so the pressure is on Mithoon to deliver a good soundtrack here with some help from Sayeed Quadri on lyrics.


Aaj Zid is a very classy love ballad that has been very tastefully produced with a modern sound treatment and an upbeat vibe by Mithoon. Considering it is a bedroom romantic song in the film, an upbeat soft disco take on this love-making song is quite an interesting composition take. It is close to what a modern Humma Humma does musically in this genre but with more originality to it. The seductive vibes of Arijit Singh’s voice add some exotic touch to the song. The amount of depth and ambience in his voice gives it a lot more room than a closed bedroom song. The lyrics give a good amount of body to the song. They have a good flow to them and a catchy hook that will make this a successful radio song.


Singh voices Jaana Ve next which is yet another romantic song. A sweet & melodic composition is the principal characteristic of this song. It doesn’t run with a normal melody and has a different treatment to it. The instrumentation & music is quite basic though and the programming of it is not too great. Singh’s vocals are not super impressive either and sound like numerous other of his songs. The absence of any range keeps this song rather flat throughout. Lyrically this song has more meaning and emotion to it compared to the earlier song. Quadri’s ability to keep the hook’s really song is quite evident that makes the song easy to sing along with and thus memorable.


Amit Mishra takes on the sad song Tanhaiyaan next that has a strong rock character to it. The use of lead guitars, drums and keys is common for this genre and Mishra’s delivery works really well with the musicality of the song. The composition is a little weak though and it does not have a strong differentiator to make this song stand out. This genre rarely creates hits anyway and this song is clearly not hit material. Although the instrumentation is strong, the lyrics and composition drag it back to an average level. As impressive Quadri is in the previous two songs, Tanhaiyaan is one to skip.


With just three songs on the album there is not much to the music of ‘Aksar 2’. The soundtrack features a great host of amazing talent including Mithoon, Arijit Singh, Sayeed Quadri and Amit Mishra but the sheer lack of variety and big lead songs leading the way this album clearly doesn’t seem worth it. Although Aaj Zid and Jaana Ve are good two romantic singles, Tanhaiyaan is a below average sad song. Mithoon’s work seems inconsistent starting on a high with Aaj Zid but sliding down as the album progresses. Singh doesn’t get to showcase the best of him either and ends up doing what he normally does with his typical romantic songs. Overall the soundtrack feels like an opportunity wasted to create a fresh romantic album but there isn’t much to it except Aaj Zid which is the only song worth repeat listens. Rating – 5/10



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