Music Review: ‘Ajab Gazabb Love’

DJ Munks

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When it comes to spotting a good slapstick comedy script, producer Vashu Bhagnani does a great job. After ‘F.A.L.T.U’ (2011) he is back with ��Ajab Gazabb Love�۪ using his talent and money to grow his son, Jackky�۪s, brand value starring him opposite South�۪s famous leading lady, Nidhi Subbaiah. The trailer of this romantic comedy is quite funny considering the predicament of the situation where the rich kid of Kirron Kher needs to pretend to be poor to win his love, with Arjun Rampal playing a hurdle in his love story. If director Sanjay Gadhvi�۪s reputation is anything��to go by, then this will project should create dhoom like ��Dhoom�۪ (2004) and ��Dhoom 2�۪ (2006).

Jackky-Nidhi in 'Ajab Gazabb Love'
Jackky-Nidhi in 'Ajab Gazabb Love'

Sajid-Wajid are leading the musical way in this fun romantic caper with Boom Boom headlining the movie trailers. The talented duo are experts when it comes to projects like this, catering to the young and wild with their ideal mix of floor burners and romantic cuddle tunes. ��Ajab Gazabb Love�۪ should find it easy to deliver good music with the power of this duo combined with Gadhvi and Bhagnani�۪s reputation of featuring hits in their movies.

Kicking off the soundtrack exactly as expected with a fun party song from a young rom-com, Boom Boom (Lip Lock) is a very smooth tune, modern, urban and well composed. Mika delivers a different soft range of vocals that gives this song a different vibe all together. The arrangement of the song reminds one of Sajid-Wajid�۪s Soni De Nakhre composition in ��Partner�۪ (2007) that is still a rage in the party scene. The expectations from Boom Boom are pretty much the same. Priya Panchal�۪s lyrics with a Punglish and Hinglish twist is very 2012 and works well for the song.

Tu in the voice of Mohit Chauhan is a romantic classic with awesome romantic lyrics by Kausar Munir. Very difficult for anyone to focus on the lyrics of a song when you the amazing vocals of Chauhan leading the words. Tu sounds like tunes one must have heard before but its uniqueness and similarities is purely in its lyrics and vocals. The music is simple with a continuous finger snapping bass beat but listen closely to notice variations arranged well by the musical duo.

Featuring a fresh new voice of Mohammed Irfan, Sun Soniye is a light love song that once again has characteristics of familiarities to many romantic songs heard before with an average musical arrangement with nothing unique or special about it. The vocals by Irfan and ‘Indian Idol 2’��contestant Antara Mitra are sombre and well laid out for this song and possibly the only highlight of the song. The lyrics are average in many aspects as the poetic flow lacks a punch and drifts off.

The soundtrack of ��Ajab Gazabb Love�۪ marks the entry of yet another Brit artist into Bollywood following in the steps of the likes of RDB, Rishi Rich, Malkit Singh, Panjabi MC and Tigerstyle. Nachde Punjabi composed and produced by West Bromwich artist Tarli Digital has the perfect vibes of UK Bhangra with the voice of Dalvinder Singh and lyrics of Sukhjit Thandi. A typical urban Bhangra sound builds a good connect for the movie with the UK audiences that should fit in well with the theme of the movie although the song stands out from the rest and makes wonder if they are still listening to a Bollywood album. Most Brit artists have adapted their compositions to fit with the Bollywood style, but Tarli Digital sticks to the current UK Bhangra flavour keeping it authentic.

Boom Boom (Remix) is an electro house version of the original with pretty much the standard beats heard in a electro remix. While Sun Soniye (Remix) is an upbeat and improved version of the original giving this average song a better appeal to the masses for early club sessions. The original is still better for radio play but lacks shelf life which the remix delivers well for the song.


The soundtrack for ��Ajab Gazabb Love�۪ with just��four original songs has a good range and variety to match expectations from this sexy rom-com. Sajid-Wajid deliver the possible hits with Boom Boom and Tu but sacrifice on creativity to develop a unique sound by taking the safe way home recreating popular arrangements by giving them a twist. Mohammed Irfan is a good find on Sun Soniye but the song overall lacks talent to scale up the charts. This very commercial soundtrack is apt for a Bhagnani film catering to the cosmopolitan market. What the film�۪s music does well is create a bridge to UK with use of authentic UK Bhangra sounds on Nachde Punjabi featuring Tarli Digital while maintaining a global sound on the other songs to appeal to the international audiences. Overall the soundtrack is average but works well on the commercial front and should be able to do well on TV and radio airplays.

BizAsia Showbiz Overall Rating ��� 6.5/10