Moviebox & BBC Asian Network in dispute


The BBC Asian Network has come under fire from record label Moviebox over royalty payments of tracks played by the national station.

This latest legal wrangle will result in all Moviebox labelled artists including the likes of Jassi Sidhu, Dj Vix, Gurdas Maan, Harbhajan Mann, Arminder Gill and many others not being played on the Asian Network. New Moviebox offerings such as Bollywood Breaks Volume 1 remix album along with Jassi Sidhu’s No Strings Attached and Gurdas Maan’s latest Vilayten will be removed from the Asian Network playlist until a conclusion has been reached.

Radio stations up and down the country pay PRS (Performing Royalites Society) on any track given airplay. This could prove to be a major blow for the BBC as it heavily relies on new British Asian music.

Moviebox issued Biz Asia the following statement:

“Moviebox have been in negotiations with the BBC and PRS over a number of months concerning the use by the BBC (and others) of Moviebox repertoire. Although Moviebox have regularly extended the time granted to the BBC for negotiation, those negotiations have not resulted in an outcome which Moviebox considers satisfactory. It is therefore with deep regret that Moviebox have withdrawn its license to the PRS and subsequently the BBC for the use of its repertoire. Moviebox remain willing and able to negotiate further, but until such time as it considers a satisfactory license fee is offered, its repertoire shall not be available to the BBC.”

The BBC Asian Network remained optimistic in resolving the legalities involved. They gave us their stance on the story;
“Moviebox the Asian Music publisher has withdrawn permission for the BBC to use its music because of a disagreement over licensing through the Performing Rights Society. The BBC regrets being unable to use any kind of music and hopes that it can use Moviebox music again in the near future”.

We’ll keep a close eye on this story. Keep it with Biz Asia for more.

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