Movie Review: ‘Jism 2’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Hooda and Leone in 'Jism 2'
Hooda and Leone in 'Jism 2'

It is fair to say that there hasn�۪t been as much controversy around a Bollywood film as this one. Ever since director Pooja Bhatt�۪s father Mahesh Bhatt met the Indo-Canadian adult-movie-star-turned-actress, Sunny Leone, on ‘Bigg Boss’, he was enraptured by her and was very keen on letting the star take part in ��Jism 2�۪. Mr Bhatt pitched the story of the film to the star in the Bigg Boss house, who in return jumped at the chance and accepted the film with the condition that it would be artfully shot. Pooja Bhatt defended her decision to have the star in ��Jism 2�۪ and said to Times of India on Sunny Leone: ���She is comfortable with her body as this is what she does for her living. There were certain things that she did it well and with few others she had difficulty. But we were there to help her. She had limitations as she is not a trained actor. But she did a good job.�۝

��Jism 2�۪ has been marketed as an erotic thriller but the audience cannot work out if this is just a ploy to launch an adult film star as an actress and to prove it can be done successfully. The story surrounds��Izna (Sunny Leone) who��earns her daily wage by sleeping with random men in hotels and who is also allegedly a porn star, not that the audience ever sees her in this role.�� Ayaan (Arunoday��Singh) sleeps with Izna for one night and then introduces himself as a secret agent intent on taking down Izna�۪s ex-lover Kabir (Randeep Hooda) who is now an assassin killing off political figures. Izna agrees to take on the role of a honeytrap to take down Kabir and heads to Sri Lanka on this mission acting as Ayaan�۪s fianc̩. So the love triangle is created where Izna and Ayaan grow closer together and��she also is drawn to her ex-lover Kabir and reciprocates his lustful advances towards her.

The music for this film is stellar as it usually is for the Bhatt films. Hey Walla, Maula and Abhi Abhi are two lovely songs which are great love songs that capture the mood of the romantic collages perfectly. As soundtracks go, this is a memorable soundtrack; just wish one could say the same about the film.

This film really is such a waste of time when it comes to the story, and though��Hooda (Kabir)��is given some great dialogues in Urdu, the story never really��takes off. Sunny Leone may have been a controversial choice as an actress -��take��this term lightly -��she really doesn�۪t have the screen presence unless she is in a love-making scene. Bhatt is desperate to launch the adult film star as an actress but it is difficult when all the scenes��Leone is given involve her taking her clothes off or sleeping with someone. Leone�۪s voice is dubbed in Hindi and that makes it all the more harder for the actress to act. She only comes alive when it comes to the aesthetically shot sex scenes but frankly she should stick to her day job. Singh and Hooda do a fair job in their respective roles but special mention has to go to Hooda who does play the passionate lover with finesse.

Someone looking to watch a soft version of an erotic film and see Leone in numerous bikinis would perhaps appreciate ‘Jism 2’.

BizAsia Showbiz Rating: 1/5