'Ek Villain' starring Sidharth-Shraddha

Ek Villain۪ is a much hyped film of this year with a promising twist on Bollywood love stories focussed around the story of the anti-hero, the villain. Ever since the promos hit all the respective channels, the film had the audience talking with the evident chemistry between Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. Riteish Deshmukh was being cited as the villain as well as Malhotra so it was hard for the audience to tell who the real hero of the story was. Ek Villain۪ is directed by Aashiqui 2۪ (2013) director Mohit Suri who is well known for directing thrillers such as ‘Murder 2’ (2011) so there are high hopes for this thriller. The music for this film has already started to resonate with the audience with the likes of Banjaara and Galliyan hitting the radio waves and enchanting viewers before the film۪s release.

'Ek Villain' starring Sidharth-Shraddha
'Ek Villain' starring Sidharth-Shraddha

Guru (Malhotra) is a trained assassin from the streets who carries out murders for Goa don Caeser without any remorse or reflection. After being arrested by the police for the umpteenth time, he meets bubbly and talkative Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor) who is a selfless do-gooder who hires him to kidnap a friend to get him married to the woman he loves. He softens under her influence and begins to fall for her. Alongside this story is that of Rakesh Mahadkar (Deshmukh), a middle class telephone technician who is brow beaten by his nagging wife, who takes out his frustrations on other women who cross his path.

The actors in this film really do try to make the best out of this rather flawed and full-of-holes script. Malhotra does try incredibly hard to get into the character of a vengeful villain who wants to take revenge for all the wrong done against him, however, all the dark broody looks which create the illusion of a villain, are destroyed in every fight scene where he throws half-hearted punches and looks out of place. Kapoor is frankly unconvincing as Aisha, with her attempt to act like the chirpy happy girl falling short as it reveal her inability to show expressions in many of the scenes that need it. Deshmukh, in comparison, shines as the role of the psycho lady killer and his facial expressions are perfect for every scene. In fact, he makes scenes a lot more viewable than the other two, even though the story is driven to hate him as a villain.

It has to be said that the biggest let down for this film is the mediocre script. The storyline is so miswritten that it is difficult for the audience to feel anything towards any of the characters. The point of the thriller is the cat and mouse chase but this is ruined from the word go, meaning that the audience do not have any gripping moments to look forward to. So much more could have been done with Guru and Rakesh۪s characters but they were pitted against each other, without any viable reason or thought. Suri is so intent on focusing on the love story that he forgets that this is an action thriller and in fact some scenes are so unbelievably done that the audience burst out laughing in the most serious moments.

The soundtrack for this film is its saving grace and will be the only reason which will draw the audience in. Humdard, Galliyan and Banjaara are such beautiful tracks but are just used to create romantic interludes in the film rather than adding to the story.

Watch this film for the music but don۪t take in any high hopes as it will disappoint.

BizAsia Showbiz Rating: 2/5

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