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Motor Mad Bollywood Celebs

From the boys to the girls,��Bollywood celebrities are��all obsessed with having the latest cars and motorcycles and they have even become the subject of our blockbuster films. The latest instalment is ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’ which releases today.

John Abraham in 'Dhoom'

Action films have always existed in Bollywood but the inclusion of supercars and the latest motorcycles have raised the bar when it comes to car chases. ��Dhoom�۪ (2004) told the story of a gang of bikers who went on a robbing spree in Mumbai and starred ��John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. Abraham�۪s love for motorbikes has never been a secret and in fact he confessed in an interview that his now ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu felt he loved the bike more than her. ���Once I was taking Bipasha for a ride. Suddenly, I heard a squeaking sound and noticed her rings were rubbing against the tank of my bike. I asked her to sit properly as her rings could leave scratches on my 1,300-CC superbike,�۝ the actor told Mid-Day. ��However, Abraham is aware that films like ��Dhoom�۪ may encourage people to copy his stunts and set up his own professional biking school in India. He went on to tell Mid Day : ���I have been held responsible for promoting rash-driving and bike-racing since Dhoom was released. Bikers are always known as bad boys. So, we should promote safe and responsible biking.�۝

Abraham has bonded with his co-stars over his love for bikes and his ��Desi Boyz�۪ (2011) Akshay Kumar was gifted a motorcycle from the ��Dostana�۪ (2008) star after the success of ��Housefull 2�۪ (2012). According to HitList, Kumar wrote in a note to Abraham: ��� ��Johnny Donor�۪ is riding such a high wave right now, that he is thankfully not donating his sperm but donating an awesome bike to me in celebration of our huge Hit ��Housefull 2�۪��_ I can count on one hand how many genuine gifts I�۪ve been given since my time in this Industry. John�۪s, I must say, means a lot; not because it�۪s a bike (though it helps) but because I know how much it means to him giving it to me.�۝

Shahid Kapoor on his bike (Image copyright: bolegaindia,com)

Shahid Kapoor is also well known for his love for motorbikes and is often seen at night on the streets of Mumbai and has been spotted with special friend Priyanka Chopra riding pillion. For his 28th birthday, Kapoor bought treated himself a bike which he then drove to the Yash Raj film studio to show off to fellow actors Abraham and Bachchan. ���John is really knowledgeable about bikes so when he came out for a dekko, I was like, ���Hey dude, don�۪t ask me too many questions because I won�۪t know the answers! I bought this particular model because it feels cool sitting on a cool looking bike,�۝ he told Desi Power Chat.

When it comes to cars, Bollywood town is not far behind with high end sports cars and luxury cars gracing their expansive driveways. Sultry Bipasha Basu is an ardent fan of Audi cars and endorsed the Audi Q7. Speaking at the launch of the car, she said: ���I have been a long time user of Audis, I have an Audi Q7. They make such beautiful cars, the power is great. They are classy, elegant and comfortable. The comfort the car provides is fantastic and I understand why people from the Bollywood industry are going for the Q7 more and more.�۝

SRK during Indian Grand Prix

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan is also a��keen fan of cars and has been seen in breathtaking car chases in ��Don�۪ (2006), ��Don 2�۪ (2011) and ��Ra One�۪ (2011). The actor was so fascinated by the car stunts in ��Ra One�۪ that he tweeted photos from the sets. The promotion for the superhero film was also done with Sahara Force India Formula One team at the Indian Grand Prix. For a film industry first, the logo of the film was placed on the nose of the team�۪s fastest car. ��Off the film set, the Baadshah of Bollywood has become well known for gifting luxury cars to his friends. After the release of ��Main Hoon Na�۪ (2004), Khan famously gifted director and close friend Farah Khan a Hyundai Terracan SUV and after ��Om Shanti Om�۪ (2007), a brand new white Mercedes Benz E Class. ‘Ra One’ co-star Arjun Rampal and Rajnikanth were also given a BMW 7 Series sedan for helping make the movie, despite it not being a huge success.

The actresses are also into their cars with former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan owning a Mazda, Lexus and a Mercedes. Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu both drive a Porsche Cayenne.

So whether it be the boys or the girls, Bollywood actors are petrol heads with a real passion for cars and motorcycles. Not only are they driving around in the latest cars, but��they are also��making statements using them, on set and off set.