Mother’s Day Special: Caring but overbearing mothers

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


It is often said that no matter how old a child gets, for their parents they will always be a child. While it sounds sweet to the ears there are times when it can get a bit too much.

19th March marks the occasion of Mother’s Day. On this day looks at five films in which the mothers are caring but at times a little too overbearing.

Ayesha Raza Mishra in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ (2015)
Ayesha Raza Mishra plays the role of Indu who is a mother to two daughters. Indu (Mishra) is known as a loud speaker by family and friends around her as she is unable to keep anything to herself.

When it comes to her elder daughter Divya (Sarah Hashmi) she can’t help but keep pestering her. There are many scenes in the film where Indu can be seen comparing her daughter to other girls in terms of how they look and dress. She worries that her daughter won’t be able to find a boy suitable for marriage if she doesn’t pay attention to the way she looks. This topic has become so popular that even Indu’s younger daughter can’t help but make fun of her mother saying, ‘sajh dajh ke nahin rahogi toh aacha ladka kaise passay ga? Tumhari umar mein ladkiyon ka yehi kaam hai beta’ meaning if she doesn’t dress up how will she trap a good boy? That’s what girls her age are meant to do.

Kajol in ‘Helicopter Eela’ (2018)
Eela (Kajol) was once an aspiring singer who was well on her way to getting her big break, however life didn’t exactly go to plan. The song she was supposed to record never got to happen so she decided to give up her dream and settled down with her boyfriend. Very soon they have a son and life seems to be back on track once again. It isn’t long before Eela’s life is hit with another hurdle. Eela’s husband decides he has to leave their little family to pursue his own dreams as he fears his life will be cut short soon. After her husband leaves Eela’s whole life revolves around her child and fulfilling his every need.

Now many years have passed by and her son Vivan (Riddhi Sen) is attending college. Eela has become very protective over him which is understandable as he is the only family she really has. Vivan loves his mother dearly and understands her plight but at the same time he is losing his mind because of her constant interference in his life. Things get too much for Vivan when his mother decides to join the same college as him. This is when him and his mother finally have to address this matter.

Neena Gupta in ‘Veere Di Wedding’ (2018)
Neena Gupta is seen playing mother to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja in this comedy drama. Gupta’s character is trying everything she can to help her daughter Avni (Ahuja) find a suitable groom. From arranging meetings to finding prospective candidates on dating sites, there is no stopping Avni’s mother. If that isn’t enough she makes sly digs at her daughter whenever she can but Avni takes none of it and gives it right back to her mother.

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There is one scene where both mother and daughter are at a wedding event and the mother can’t help but make a remark about when she’ll become a grandmother and what steps they might have to take if she doesn’t get married soon. She also asks Avni why she has her hair tied up in a bun like an aunty rather than having it down. Although Avni is a lawyer and manages to help other people take control of their lives she doesn’t have much control at home.

Tabu in ‘Fitoor’

Tabu in ‘Fitoor’ (2016)
Begum Hazrat Jahaan (Tabu) was once a beautiful flower that bloomed in her youth but with heartbreak and deception she transformed into a poisonous thorn that will hurt anyone who comes her way. When Begum was young she fell deeply in love with a man who pretended to love and care for her. Not only did he break her heart but he stole her precious possessions and fled never to return. After this betrayal Begum became stone hearted and tried to make her adopted daughter Firdaus (Katrina Kaif) just like her.

When a boy enters Firdaus’s life Begum decides to play with his heart using Firdaus as her puppet. She tells her not to be swayed by his sweet words because in her eyes men are not to be trusted especially after what happened to her. Begum constantly interferes in Firdaus’s life telling her what decisions to make and how to live her life even if Firdaus doesn’t agree.

Farida Jalal in ‘Duplicate

Farida Jalal in ‘Duplicate’ (1998)
Lastly how could we forget this lovable character by Farida Jalal, affectionately known as bebe by her son Bablu (Shahrukh Khan). Jalal’s performance had the audience in stitches as her character tries to help her son but forgets the fact that he’s actually a grown man. For example Bablu has been asked to create many flavoursome dishes for some distinguished guests that are arriving at the hotel he works at. Thanks to one of the members of management, he has no colleagues to support him as they’ve purposely been given the day off to create issues for Bablu. Bebe manages to sense that something isn’t right and arrives at Bablu’s work place. Seeing the situation she agrees to help him but Bablu won’t have none of it and banishes her from the kitchen.

Poor Bablu slaves away in the kitchen and manages to complete his task. What he is unaware of is that while he had literally stepped out for five minutes his mother had added her magic touch to the dishes which horrifies Bablu. While his mother is proud of the work she has done to help her son he is terrified he will lose his job if the food doesn’t taste right. In the end everything works out and he is very thankful that his Bebe saved the day.

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