As we revealed last week, the UK’s only Asian media news website, expanding next month.

OurMedia 247 Networkis expanding by heading to America and Canada with a dedicated new site calledBiz Asia Atlantic. Further afield, we’re adding more glitz and zing to the current model with the introduction ofBiz Asia Showbiz- a news website bringing readers the latest Bollywood, Bhangra and UK/US events.

While Founders ofMedia 247, Raj Baddhan and Lakh Baddhan will continue to overlook and manage the network of sites includingBiz Asia UK,Biz Asia Atlantic’scontent and advertising space will be handled by an external media agency – details of which will be announced in the coming days.

Biz Asia Showbizwill be handled by the website’s main editor Amrita Tanna, previously a freelance writer and reporter in the Bollywood genre. She revealed her thoughts aboutBiz Asia’sexpansion into the Showbiz world, “I have always wanted to be a part of a site that originates from my home country and there is no better thanBiz Asia. I am honoured to have been approached for the role and very much look forward to bringing my best to an already effective team.Biz Asia Showbizhopes to keep all showbiz-inclined people up-to-date with the latest news, exclusives and not to mention our fair share of surprises along the way.”

Joining Amrita on theBiz Asia Showbizteam will be freelance Bollywood writer, Jay Mamtora, who brings with him a wealth of Bollywood knowledge. About working onBiz Asia Showbiz, Jay said, “I’m totally excited about being a part of this new venture and have no doubt that this new rebrand and expansion going to make a big splash. Here’s hoping we can make Biz Asia’s name synonymous with all things showbiz and make it the central hub for all entertainment news and listings.”

Shyama Sudra will also join theBiz Asia Showbizteam. It will see Shyama put her passion of Bollywood onto paper. Shyama is an Arts enthusiast and is currently doing an internship at an Art Gallery. She too is looking forward to the opportunity, “I can’t explain how excited I am aboutBiz Asia Showbiz. I have always been interested in Bollywood and Biz Asia will give me the chance to explore this interest a little further. With so much more happening with Biz Asia being a part of something that is going from strength to strength can only be seen as something wonderful. And I thank the team for welcoming me so warming into their venture.”

Raj Baddhan, Co-Founder ofMedia 247said, “After six years of delivering and thriving on breaking UK Asian media news first and fastest, we’re continuing with this philosophy with a fresh new look and the addition of two new sites. I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome Amrita, Jay and Shyama toBiz Asiawho will help build theBiz Asiabrand in the Showbiz world. Our media agency forBiz Asia Atlanticwill be announced shortly.”

The new lookMedia 247sites go live in April, with the launch date being announced in the coming days.