‘Molkki’ set to go off-air on Colors in February?

BizAsia Correspondent



‘Molkki’ is reportedly set to go off-air on Colors this February.

A report says that the show starring Amar Upadhyay and Priyal Mahajan, will be going off-air around 11th February 2022. However, fans will be excited to know that there are already plans for a second season run for the latter part of the year.

Asked Upadhyay about the rumours, he told Times of India, “I have not been officially informed by the makers about the show going off air, but I have heard this news from the unit members. Our creative head had come to the set on my off day and announced that by February or March the show might go off air. Since the channel or the production team have not officially informed me yet, all I can say is that maybe our show has a couple of months left, but I cannot confirm the same right now- let the Channel confirm this first.”