Mohena Singh & Gaurav Wadhwa confirm ‘RiMoRav’ is no more

Ketna Mistry



For a while now there has been speculation over tension between former ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ stars Mohena Singh, Gaurav Wadhwa and Rishi Dev. Yesterday, Singh broke the silence in a message to their fans.

Cited on Pinkvilla, Singh, Wadhwa and Dev, known as RiMoRav had started a YouTube vlog a while back and shared content every Saturday which became a huge hit with fans. After Singh shared a video on her Instagram account with Wadhwa, it soon became apparent that the tiff between the trio was true.

Singh wrote, “Hey Vamily ! It’s time… for some closure. VAMILY we waited so long because we thought something might change. Something might happen. Some magic. We hung on to a hope ki kisi tarah everything will become ok. But we understand that it is high time you’ll know what’s going on. We all have had sleepless nights because of this… but now we all need closure. Yes we have been upset… angry even. But unfortunately, now it’s time to move on. We will never forget these times. One of the Best times of our life. RiMoRav Rocks. Love you guys. Always and forever.”

To keep things amicable, both Singh and Wadhwa also said in the video that they won’t be saying anything against anyone, and that they wish to keep it clean, so will not say anything bad.