‘Mogul’ title changed to ‘Gulshan’?

Sahar Junejo



The makers of Gulshan Kumar’s biopic ‘Mogul’ may be changing the film’s title to ‘Gulshan’, in the hopes of giving a fresh start to the project.

The name change has not been confirmed yet, but the title is currently being registered, “It is a biopic on Gulshan Kumar, so ‘Gulshan’ would have been an apt title anyway. But what we are hearing is that the makers had previously preferred to name the film after his moniker of ‘Music Mogul’. But now they feel that the title has not been lucky so far, as the film has been delayed inordinately for a variety of reasons. They have also consulted Aamir (Khan) regarding this, and sent the title of ‘Gulshan’ to be registered with the producers’ association,” a source told The Asian Age.

The film has been delayed due to various reasons, but mainly because of director Subhash Kapoor’s alleged sexual misconduct with Geetika Tyagi, which discouraged several big stars to join the project. After taking some time, Khan has finally agreed to play the role of Kumar. While the title might be replaced, Kapoor is still the director of the film.