Narendra Modi

Salman Khan attends Narendra Modi event
Narendra Modi & Salman Khan

With PM NarendraModi’sSwachh Bharat Abhiyaan going well under way, actor Salman Khan has gone the extra mile in inviting his fans to also take part in the project. Upon seeing his social media announcement, Modi himself has congratulated the actor for his hard work and efforts.

Recently Khan expressed through is social media page how he has already cleaned and painted three villages in Maharasthra, and will nominate 100 followers a month to keep the campaign going. Upon seeing this, the Indian Prime Minister became overwhelmed and took tohis ownTwitter account to express, “Once again, @BeingSalmanKhanmakes a distinct & appreciable effort towards a Clean India. I congratulate him.”

The campaign began with Modi himself nominating a number of big names who in turn, nominated other people in order to clean up much of the countries wasted area’s. Having been nominated by the PM on 2nd October 2014, Khan has continuously been taking part, and had even nominated Aamir Khan and Rajnikanth .

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