Mixed online reaction to Swara Bhaskar’s ‘Rasbhari’ on Amazon

Jeetesh Luhar



Swara Bhaskar’s new movie ‘Rasbhari’ has released on Amazon Prime. And shortly after its release, the movie was on the receiving end of some comedy meme material. Twitter users trolled the star and also Amazon Prime for initially releasing the movie.

A post by Bhasker, where she called herself a “hot teacher” and asked people to relive their adolescent infatuation with ‘Rasbhari,’ was a particular recipient of the trolls, reports DNA India.

‘Rasbhari’ released on Amazon Prime without too much marketing and promotion. Bhasker was already no stranger to online trolls as people demanded the star’s arrest and accusing her of inciting violence among communities during CAA protests.

Bhasker herself has not hidden away from online trolls. When #ArrestSwaraBhaskar trended on Twitter, she responded by saying, “And that my friends.. is why most celebrities in India only raise their voices for elephants! #safoorazargar #ArrestSwaraBhaskar #bizarrebuttrue.”

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