Milind Soman: “I feel like God when I am running”


Milind Soman is one face that many recognise when he shows up on screen. However it’s only been in the past few years that his fitness has been recognised. After becoming a brand ambassador for the women’s running campaign ‘Pinkathon’, did people realise, the 51 year old actor’s achievement in winning marathons and triathlons. Soman caught up with the media and spoke about how he values fitness.

Being a runner himself, Times of India reports Soman revealing, “I feel like God when I am running and I am not embarrassed to say that. I feel more than human. It opens your mind. Endurance sport is all about self-exploration. It’s not about the timing or titles, but the satisfaction of pushing your limits. Once you start running, you want to extend your distance a little more every day because it makes you feel good about yourself and what your body is capable of achieving. Of course, you have to be fit enough to undertake that, but it’s essentially the mind that needs the convincing.”

Talking about being recognised for his marathon titles, the actor added, “In India, we tend to give up on ourselves post the age of 35. I remember putting up a bare-bodied picture of me getting out of the sea on my social media page last year and everyone took notice as they couldn’t believe that I could look like that at my age. I don’t think many people knew about Ironman or Ultraman titles or were even interested in triathlons until they saw that picture of mine which went viral. It’s my age that caught their attention.”

Despite not classing himself as a megastar, Soman has done a substantial amount of work in the film industry, where his looks and physique have always been highly appreciated. Reflecting on how this, Soman expressed, “In 1987, there was no concept of looks or designers. Nobody ever told me that I was good-looking until I started modelling. My parents were proud of my sporting career, but they never spoke about my looks. I have lived with these tags (sexiest man, etc) for over 30 years.”

“Now, I feel people just say it because they have to (laughs!). Some of you may also remember that I had done a nude photoshoot for an ad, which turned controversial. It was a beautiful picture and there was no discomfort at all. Even my mother liked it. Will I do nude photoshoots even today? Why not?” He went on to say.

Though he does make more of a career out of health and fitness, Soman is still very much a part of the Indian film industry and isn’t looking to give that up any time soon, as he explained, “I love doing films, but I cannot pursue it as a full-time career. Also, a lot of people feel that I am not a good actor. It’s good that I didn’t enjoy that kind of fame (like superstars), because then, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today, which is running freely on the streets of Mumbai.”

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