Meera Chopra & Tanuj Agnihotri escape hostage situation during ‘Guddu Ki Girlfriend’ shoot


Cast and crew members working on the shoot for ‘Guddu Ki Girlfriend’ in Benaras, found themselves hostage at the hotel they were staying at when apparently producer, Illyas Guddu, ran out of funds.

According to reports on TOI, lead actors, Meera Chopra and Tanuj Agnihotri managed to escape the situation as they happened to be staying at another hotel, however, their co-stars Freddy Daruwala and Sukesh Anand weren’t so lucky and were trapped with everyone else. Anand who finally got released this evening spoke of what happened, “I don’t think I’ll complete the film. We had a harrowing time. The hotel did not let us ago. I reached out to Nupur Alankar (senior actress of TV industry who is known to help anybody in distress) and she put out a tweet, tagging Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.”

Further adding, “We hadn’t complained to the local police before Nupur tweeted. She acted very swiftly. Eight people, however, have still not been given permission by the hotel to leave the premises. That’s understandable as they are the ones who were at the helm there. Why were we actors, technicians etc locked up? We were certainly not responsible for the producer having run out of money”.

As for Agnihotri, he said that he will continue shooting for the film, but did not say too much on the whole situation, “I have heard about this, there has been some ruckus out there, but Meera and I have come away. I am not aware of the details, though.”

A source shared some details as to the events that led to this, “Things were very fishy since the past three days. The shooting had been cancelled and Meera and Tanuj had been twiddling their thumbs in their hotel. Every time any actor asked when the lights will be flashed again, he/she was told ‘abhi Chhath puja hai, abhi yeh hai, abhi woh hai, and the excuses only increased with time. Tanuj and Meera realised that they would rather leave. Their tickets were booked by the production team but the rest who are associated with the film and were in the Benaras shoot, weren’t so lucky.”

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