Mawra Hocane: “I don’t mention Ranbir Kapoor anymore”


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Deep in Lahore, Mawra Hocane�۪s debut Bollywood project ��Sanam Teri Kasam�۪ (2016) may have received mixed reviews but it is Hocane�۪s place in Bollywood that has everyone talking. The Pakistani beauty began making headlines due to alleged link-ups with her co-stars ranging from Harshvardhan Rane, Sooraj Pancholi and even Ranbir Kapoor, long before the release of ��Sanam Teri Kasam.�۪

Talking to the The Express Tribune, Hocane has become immune to the media and their speculation. ���I never actually had a dating controversy here in Pakistan. In India, on the other hand, such rumours are part of the deal. None of it is true but I�۪ve realised that it�۪s all part of the work I do. So now, I simply enjoy whatever is written about me. Yes, sometimes it is hurtful but in the end, the truth always reveals itself, no matter what.�۝

Still young at 23, Hocane has learnt from past mistakes where rumours can start at the flick of a switch. She referred back to how gossip began concerning her and Kapoor simply because she expressed her admiration for the ��Tamasha�۪ (2015) star over social media. ���You see, everyone matures. I am well aware of where I stand today and how what I say or do can become a headline. I don�۪t mention Ranbir anymore, but still get his name in scripts at award shows, so I avoid the topic altogether,�۝ she states.

Her maturity continues to show as she discusses her upcoming film projects. ���If I share more information too early, the pressure becomes too much by the time the film is released,�۝ explained the actress. She is also currently working on a serial with another Indian film in tow. However, she only revealed that the director of the latter is ���critically acclaimed�۝ and that is why she chose to do it. The serial however, is set in rural Sindh during the yesteryears and depicts various social issues. ���There is massive pressure on Pakistani actors to take up serials as fans connect with those, more than films,�۝ said Hocane.

In terms of role models Hocane expresses great admiration for Priyanka Chopra. ���Social pressure isn�۪t just in Pakistan but across the globe and actors feel it from their respective societies. Priyanka handles it so well and everyone is just applauding her. I hope to do different things just like her and be proud of them, someday,�۝ she notes.

In looking towards the future, Hocane would love to be part of a period drama based on a biographic of late singer Nazia Hassan. ���I used to hear Nazia�۪s stories from my mother while growing up and feel a deep connection with her.�۝

With her feet firmly ground she brings a refreshing vibe will would be sure to take her far in her career.

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