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MATV in breach of Ofcom rules for provision of information

MATV has been found in breach of Ofcom regulations over provision of information.

Ofcom wrote to the Licensee on eight occasions requesting information following receipt of a complaint. The complaint related to the promotion in a programme called ‘Aaj Ka Samachar’ of a guest’s astrology/ayurvedic healing business. The content assessed contained two phone numbers, one originating in the UK and one originating in Pakistan, neither of which appeared to be related to the broadcaster.

Ofcom received a response after the given deadline to confirm that the information request had been received by the Licensee’s compliance contact. A representative from the Licensee stated that due to a close family bereavement they had been unable to respond to Ofcom’s information request.

The Licensee’s failure to provide information about what (or who) the phone numbers which were broadcast related, prevented Ofcom from investigating the Licensee’s compliance with its rules regarding promotion of products and services.