Martial arts school kicks off online training amidst coronavirus crisis


LIONS Self Defence & Leadership Martial arts is combating the lockdown blues with exciting online martial arts classes to empower kids with physical, emotional and social stimulation.

The founder of LIONS, World Champion Chirag Lukha, made the switch to digital lessons days prior to the Prime Ministers announcement to close schools to ensure the safety and success of his students during these testing times. The LIONS students receive an in-depth curriculum with full support and feedback so they can progress and continue to achieve belts and tags.

Usually children have a plethora of activities to choose from but closures mean that opportunities are scarce. To provide a creative way forward, Lukha has now opened the digital doors to support families, who are affected by the coronavirus, worldwide. He is doing this with a new programme called ‘LIONS Fun Fit’.

“We wanted to make sure we continue to serve our students, and the wider community, on the highest level with minimal disruption.” Said Lukha. “We teach kids life skills and leadership and wanted to demonstrate, by example, that when faced with challenges, we can overcome through adapting and forging a new path. We also want to support families by giving them innovative and exciting strategies to promote intellectual development”.

The classes have gone down a storm with parents and kids who have been happy to keep a sense of normality during the turbulence.

“Archie got dressed in his uniform and did his class with sensei on the TV this morning.” Explained Bradley K, a father of one of a LIONS Students. “I love the new online classes, such a good idea, and I’m really happy that the kids have something familiar to look forward to. I joint in too.”

LIONS Self Defence is an acclaimed programme that uses Martial Arts as a vehicle for kids and teens to discover personal power and learn about life skills that they can use at home and at school.

While social distancing means that the studio remains empty, the kids at LIONS continue their journey towards black belt success while getting a, much needed, outlet for pent up energy.

Divya M, a mother of one of the students, said, “It really was the highlight of Naishas week after being in isolation for 7 days.”

Chirag, who is a qualified psychologist, explained that his unique brand of martial arts empowers kids with life skills through life saving skills. During this time he is basing his, age specific, lessons around powerful concepts such as ‘Perseverance’, ‘Family’, ‘Resilience’ and ‘Versatility’ to spread a positive message and build character as well as mental fortitude.

Caroline, a mother whose daughters have attended LIONS for 3 years said that the online classes gave her daughters “a much needed energy boost” during isolation.

Parents, who did not expect to play the role of teacher, have been thrust into homeschooling with little time to prepare. For this reason, Chirag decided to include a whole host of free ‘learning through martial arts’ resources and video instruction which include enriching activities that parents can use to make learning maths, English, mindfulness, fitness and phonics fun. These methods use Chirags knowledge of psychology combined with the latest research in ‘Neurobics’ to make learning exciting and interesting at home.

While the LIONS Martial Arts students continue their digital curriculum the ‘LIONS FUN FIT’ programme requires no martial arts experience but leaves the kids feeling like ninjas while disguising education. 215 people, from 4 countries, downloaded the free ‘Maths through Martial Arts’ element of this programme on the first day.

LIONS Fun Fit has a free trial and is being offered on a ‘pick your own price’ basis. Chirag will donate 10% of all proceeds to the NHS to support frontline medical staff and help fight the Covid-19 crisis. You can access your free trial here.

Going forward Chirag will be adding free virtual TaiChi fitness videos for the elderly in isolation.

“Right now, it is a time to serve the community in any way that we can, I want to lighten the load on parents and help kids to continue on a path of success” Chirag explained.

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