Marketing craze for ZEE Network in London (again!)


ZEE TV-the leading Asian channel has taken a giant step in reaching out to viewers in the UK with an advertising blitzkrieg that has raised many an eyebrow. In a coup of sorts, the channel, whose viewer ship numbers have shot up by a huge margin off late, has decided to change its strategy and concentrate its advertising on buses, underground and billboards all round London city.

The two adverts read:
“Anyway you look at it, we are no.1.” and “ZEE TV, viewing that is out of this world ”

The advertisements on buses in Asian areas like Hounslow and Southall have been welcomed by the community.”It?s always nice to see your favourite channel on the bus you are travelling in.” says Jasvir Karman, a resident of the Hillindon Borough. Even those travelling by the tube, used to seeing mainstream advertisements have been pleasantly surprised by this initiative taken by their favourite channel.”I was in Bond Street tube station the other day and was delighted to see an Asian television channel alongside other regular advertisements” says Mina Patel, an accountant.

Even Mayor Ken Livingstone?s new advertising campaign of Multicultural Britain endorses ZEE TV- another sign of the channel?s growing presence in UK. ZEE Network is simply the biggest and only Asian network in the UK that has done stupendous and innovative work in its eight years on air. Pictures of the new campaign can be found here.

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