Manees Singh announces film on Sheena Bora murder

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sheena Bora
Sheena Bora

Producer and director Manees Singh has announced in Mumbai, that he was ‘shocked to the bone’ after reading the news about the Sheena Bora murder mystery wherein the Mumbai police after months of discreet investigation, arrested her socialite mother, her businessman ex-husband and a driver as the main conspirators in the case.

Speaking to, Singh said, “This is a murder most foul. To think of it that a mother would coldbloodedly murder her own young daughter in the prime of her life when otherwise everything seemed fine for the mother and her media baron third husband. And the fact that the accused persons almost managed to get away with it for three years! It beats me that educated, rich people can so coldbloodedly pre-plan and orchestrate such a dastardly act. I have begun my own investigations in to the matter with three researches on the job and have commissioned two of Bollywood�۪s best script writers to immediately start work on a script for a film which I intend to start shooting in the next 3-4 months.”

He said, “What is surprising is the fact as reported by the media that Sheena Bora knew all along that she was not Indrani Mukherjea’s sister but her daughter and yet chose to enter into a relationship with Peter Mukherjea’s son from an earlier marriage Rahul Mukherjea who technically speaking was her half brother.”

“Also Sheena Bora was doing well for herself with a good job. She could have distanced herself or cut off from her mother in case she did not subscribe to her activities. However, Sheena chose to stay with her mother and her third husband in the same house,” Singh said.

“I have also read in the media that both siblings Sheena Bora and her brother were born out of wedlock and that their biological father was not even officially married to Indrani. Peter Mukherjea claims for the last 13 years he had no clue and was completely unaware that the young girl living with the family under the same roof was his half daughter and not his sister-in-law. This is a story of high society love, scandal, deceit, lies, murder and financial embezzlement all rolled into one that is unfurling right before our own eyes and is one that would put any Sherlock Holmes thriller to shame.” he added.

“I have assigned actress Supriya Nair who originally hails from Mangalore in Karnataka but is now settled in Mumbai to play the role of Indrani Mukherjea, though there could be many twists and turns in the casting. We have just launched the project today and I wanted to share it with the world. I would like to stress that this story has shocked the entire nation ��� my friends in remote village in Lucknow including a well-known fashion designer and some relatives in Odisha who are not at all media savvy and hardly pay attention to national news, were electrified about the news and called me last night and told me that I must make a film on the subject. Accordingly, we have started work on the script. There may be some legal issues to tackle as the matter is under police investigation and a court murder trial will start as soon as the charge-sheet is filed making the entire subject sub judice. It may be worth-while to wait and watch the murder trial as well, given the fact that the main accused is a very rich woman. However, my script writers suggested that the murder trial could be made into a sequel and the murder in itself should only be part of the first film.” he concluded.

Singh said that the film as of now is untitled.

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