Mallika Sherawat denies being evicted from Paris flat & being married


It seems Mallika Sherawat has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. Rumours stated she and alleged French husband Cyrille Auxenfans had been evicted from the Paris flat after failing to pay their rent. However, Sherawat has now spoken out revealing that this is all, in fact, untrue even pointing out that she is not even married.

Reports suggested that Sherawat and Auxenfans owed almost 80,000 Euros to their landlord and refused to pay due to the couple being attacked in the apartment lobby. “I do not live in Paris, neither do I own an apartment there nor rent one. I do not know why my name is being dragged into this,” Pune Mirror reports the actress stating.

She went on to express, “I am in Mumbai now. Before this, I was in Los Angeles with my family. Anybody who does not believe me can check my Instagram and Twitter posts for themselves.”

There had been reports previously of the couple having a layer named Olivier Mayrand, who had gone on record to support the claims. Upon hearing this Sherawat claimed, “I am shocked! I do not know who Olivier Mayrand is and I do not have any lawyer representing me. It’s a very absurd story. It is not my apartment so where does the question of rent or eviction come into play?”

When it came to reports of her beau being her husband, the actress explained, “Cyrille is not my husband. Why is everybody dragging my personal life into this? You can refer to Cyrille as my friend.”

If this is anything to go by, it seems some may need to dig a little further to find out the truth.

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