Malayalam actor Jishnu Raghavan dies of cancer at 35

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Jishnu Raghavan

BizAsia has learnt that 35-year-old Malayalam actor Jishnu Raghavan has passed away after losing his battle with cancer.

“Around 8.30 a.m. this morning, he passed away in Amrita hospital, where he was undergoing treatment for a long time,” a source said to IANS.

The actor has cancer first detected a couple of years ago and he had undergone a full recovery only for the disease to relapse last year.

Raghavan had written a touching message to his fans on Facebook on 8th March, “Being positive and always smiling makes a lot of difference. I’m in ICU now, nothing to worry this is kind of my second home now. I have fun here. I started smiling at every situation now especially the nurses who take care of me. Trust me it made a lot of difference. They do a tough job of treating pain and in I C U things r worse but by smiling and being jovial creates such a good atmosphere that everything just gets better, it’s magic… smile is magic…try it”.

BizAsia sends condolences to all of Raghavan’s family.