Mahesh & Mukesh Bhatt file for defamation suit against Luveina Lodh

Luveina Lodh
Luveina Lodh

Filmmaker brothers, Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt have filed a defamation suit against actor Luveina Lodh for a number of defamatory, slanderous and false allegations.

Reports say that the Bhatts have sought Rs. 1 crore in damages at Bombay High Court from Lodh and a restraining order preventing her making any such claims in future.

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I m being harrased by Mahesh Bhatt & family. Pls support.

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Previously, Lodh claimed to be married to Sumit Sabharwal, who is alleged to be Mahesh’s nephew. She claims that Sabharwal was involved in supplying drugs and human trafficking allegedly.

The suit said, “The suit is also seeking damages to the tune of Rs one crore from the respondent (Lodh) for making various grossly defamatory, slanderous, distasteful and false allegations and statements against the applicants (Bhatts).”