Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt was one of the recent famous faces to be targeted for online jokes. However, as the actress stated that she looks passed such comments, her father Mahesh Bhatt also explained how he wasn’t bothered by them either.

It has always been said that film maker Bhatt, is a very wise man with much wisdom to express. His words about this incident are no different, where Times of Indiareport him saying, “Those who spread these jokes on the social media will be disappointed to know I don’t read these jokes, and neither does anyone in our family! I feel that lonely people trying to find some meaning for their existence do such silly stuff, and they shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. Besides, as a celebrity, you should take such things in your stride. We get so much of adulation, so we must be prepared for criticism and brickbats too. You can’t hope to be famous and live in anonymity!”

There’s no doubt in saying that daughter Bhatt has done very well for herself ever since she first came onto the silver screen back in 2012. Despite this, her father is very clear in advising her on how to survive in such an industry, “I am very happy with the way Alia’s career has progressed so far. She has worked extremely hard and also been lucky to get some very good films right at the start of her career. But I keep telling her that in the long run, she needs to constantly reinvent herself and keep doing unusual roles in between. I am also very proud about her singing and it definitely gives her an edge in the industry.”

Much like her father, audiences have also taken a liking to Bhatt’s singing aspirations. Her vocals were fist heard in ‘Highway’ (2014) in the song ‘Sooha Saaha’, and much recently she did the cover of ‘Samjhawan’ in ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhunia’ (2014) and received a great response.

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