A three-part series on Mahatma Gandhi has been scheduled to air on BBC Two, from Saturday 2nd October.

Presented by BBC journalist Mishal Husain, whose grandparents were Muslims in India at the time of Independence, the series challenges idealised images of Gandhi.

Over three episodes, Mishal chronicles the dramatic story of Gandhi’s life, from the little-known but decisive early years in London and South Africa through to India, where he eventually fell to an assassin’s bullet.

The series features interviews with Gandhi’s grandson and granddaughter and Mishal finds that India has since turned its back on Gandhi’s blueprint for the country. She also discovers that he is still revered as the Father of the Nation.

A year before his death, Gandhi complained that everyone wanted to take his photograph rather than discuss his policies and he asked: “Who listens to me today?” This series attempts to answer that question.

‘Gandhi’ airs for three weeks from Saturday 2nd October at 20:00.