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‘Maharani’ actor Sushil Pandey opens up on how his role will shape up in season two

Versatile actor Sushil Pandey who is currently garnering praises for his role in Human and best known for his work in ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’, ‘Article 15’, ‘Super 30’, ‘Jolly LLB’ 1 & 2, ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’, Sony LIV’s series ‘Maharani’, ‘Inside Edge 3’ is now shooting for ‘Maharani 2’ starring Huma Qureshi. Helmed by Subhash Kapoor, the shooting is currently happening in Madhya Pradesh.

Pandey has previously worked with Subhash Kapoor in ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’, ‘Jolly LLB’ 1 & 2 and ‘Maharani’ season 1 and now season 2 is his fifth association with him. On reuniting with Subhash Kapoor he tells,”It’s like my home coming. Subhash sir is like my brother, dear friend and mentor. So its a really good feeling and I enjoy working with him.”

Pandey will be seen continuing his role of Kunwar Singh. Sharing about how his role will shape up in season 2 he says,”Kunwar Singh, is commander of Veer Sena (a private army) led by the Forward Class in the 90s in Bihar, to fight, kill and dominate over the backward classes socially. He is a person who truly believes in and supports casteism and discrimination and has no tolerance for the backward classes, treating them as untouchables. You will be thrilled to see the developments in his character. It’s really good and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m very excited for it.”

Sharing his experience reuniting with Qureshi he states,”I have worked with Huma before in season 1 and Jolly LLB 2, so I’m really happy and excited. Also with all the co actors of Maharani, we are really enjoying being on set. Soham Shah become now a very good friend. He is so humble and earthly. It’s really nice talking to him. Amit is very good friend since long so we both enjoy pulling each other’s leg and prank all the time for fun.”

He further adds,”We are shooting right now in different locations of Hoshangabad and Bhopal. Hope the season will be loved by the audience even more.”

Over the years, the actor has been seen in versatile roles and genres, sharing about the challenges of switching genres he says,”I think character, when any actor prepare for the part, they take different kind of method or way. But the most important which I believe is how truthful I’m for that particular character and situation. I feel really blessed that I’m part of some very good stories which I have done and doing even better. Of course, it took some time but I’m getting good stories and good part, so I’m really overwhelmed.”