Madhur Bhandarkar audition call hoax

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Madhur Bhandarkar in midst of phone hoax
Madhur Bhandarkar in midst of phone hoax

It has only been a few days since news of a threatening phone call to Pooja Bhatt, and already another phone fiasco has taken place. This time, it involved someone who pretended to be from filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s production house, texting female artists about auditions for a new film.

As the message circulated Bhandarkar Entertainment caught a hold of it, and were quick to investigate. Times of India reported the message that read, “Required 100 girls for a a��Madhur Bhandarkar film.��Pay 8k each day for 20 days Shoot! Interested people, kindly mail your pictures to @#$. For queries contact @#$ Brief information will be given after shortlisting. Travel and accommodation is provided as the shoot’s around Pune!”

When the production house first tried to call the number, they found that nobody was answering. After a few more tries, they finally got through to the imposter. “There was a message on mobiles and chat messenger about Madhur’s��next film. We tried contacting that number. Finally, when we got through, it was a man’s voice at the other end. We evinced interest in being cast in the film. He replied, ‘The casting is done’. Immediately, we revealed we were from the company and that there was no such thing happening. The person realised he had been caught and promptly hung up,” Vikram Chaukaur, Line Producer, Bhandarkar Entertainment added.

After filing a complaint to the police and Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, the production house have said to be informed about the bogus texter in the next few days.