Lyca Radio marks Women’s Day initiative with ZEE5

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


London’s popular Asian radio station, Lyca Radio has announced an initiative to mark International Women’s Day on Monday, 8th March.

The station has scrapped some of its regular programming to celebrate the iconic day with an-all female presenter line-up starting with Radiowalli at 6am, followed by Ruby Raza’s regular show at 10am, Vallisa with the afternoon show at 1pm, Drivetime with Sonya and the evening show by Bee Hirani. Regular male presenters Rocky, Vishal and Gillie have been given the day off for the celebration.

Furthermore, the station will broadcast a woman-orientated song of the hour all-day featuring singers and female actors.

The concept has been devised by Lyca Radio and sponsored by ZEE5.

Raj Baddhan, CEO of Lyca Media said, “It gives me immense pleasure to announce our exciting new initiative to celebrate women empowerment with our fantastic female line-up of presenters and female centric songs throughout the day. A huge thanks to ZEE5 on supporting International Women’s Day on Lyca Radio.”

Lyca Radio has been undergoing a raft of changes since the appointment of Raj Baddhan as the company’s new CEO. Lyca Radio will be unleashing a new sound this spring.