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Lyca Radio & Lyca DilSe available on smart speakers

Lyca Media has announced that its two London radio stations, Lyca Radio and Lyca DilSe, are now available on all smart speakers and third-party applications, from games consoles to smart watches.

In addition to online streaming, mobile apps and traditional radio, fans of Lyca Radio and Lyca DilSe will now be able to tune into their favourite radio station on a variety of devices, including: Alexa, Google and Cortana; Smart TVs and gaming consoles (Samsung Smart TV, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One); Streaming Entertainment Devices (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast) and Smart Watches (Apple Watch and Android Wear).

This development illustrates Lyca Media’s long-term commitment to meeting customer needs by bringing the very best entertainment to its listeners through a variety of mediums.

Sunil Rohra, CEO of Lyca Media said, “The radio industry is continually evolving, with more ways for people to engage with their favourite programmes than ever before. At Lyca Media, we know it is crucial to keep up to date with the habits of our listeners, meeting their changing needs whilst continuing to deliver the highest quality programming. This development will do just that, bringing the fans of Lyca Radio and Lyca DilSe a greater variety of options for listening in to their favourite shows.”