Lyca Media’s Radio 1458 & 1035AM off on analogue

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Lyca Media

Lyca Media’s recently acquired stations, Radio 1458AM and Radio 1035AM (previously Sunrise Radio and Kismat Radio) have been off-air on analogue for nearly 48 hours.

Both stations have not been broadcasting on their respective frequencies since Saturday. Incidentally, the simulcast feeds on DAB digital radio also subsequently went off-air on Saturday afternoon. The two stations continue to broadcast online, with presenters informing listeners that a “technical glitch” has forced the stations off-air on analogue and digital.

On Saturday, BizAsia queried Lyca Media management the reason behind the downtime and they blamed a “technical link failure” and that the stations will be back up “anytime now”. However, a couple of days later, the stations seem to still be off-air. The main source of income for the two stations will ultimately be analogue so will be interesting to see when they return. They are expected to return back to normal transmission later today.

This is the biggest downtime on the stations since Lyca Media’s acquisition. Even during the transition from the old management to Lyca Media in February, the downtime was just a few hours.

Update: Both stations returned back on-air on Monday (9th June) afternoon.