Lohri Special: TV stars talk about the Punjabi festival

Karan Wahi
Karan Wahi

Amidst the freezing cold weather and the dense fog in North India, the time of the year has arrived when all the Punjabis in the country light bonfires and pray to the Lord of Fire. TV actors too are big on the tradition. Here is how these beautiful people will be celebrating Lohri and they share some special memories of the festival…

Sudeepa Singh: Being a Punjabi I have lots of sweet memories of my childhood. I remember celebrating Lohri with family and friends. We should wait eagerly for this day. I still celebrate Lohri in Mumbai with my family and friends. I know life is very fast out here, but I always make an extra effort to celebrate. It gives a very good feeling. Yes, it’s true that hectic schedules give us less time to celebrate, but still festival time is the best to reconnect with friends and family. India is rich in terms of festivals and it makes all the difference to our lives. Lohri is time to rejoice and feel happy with a weather which is perfect!

Karan Wahi: Well, Lohri was special up North for us. When I use to stay with family, I remember being with them, eating sweets and having a huge celebration in the colony I use to stay. Festivals haven’t
taken a back seat now too, but I don’t celebrate them the way I use to as a child. I think with age the way you celebrate changes, but the excitement remains the same!

Mohammad Nazim: Lohri is now celebrated as a function, but first when I was a kid, we used to gather, along with friends and family, around a bonfire. We used to do Bhangda all night and click photos for the memories. There would to be and it feels good sitting around the bonfire with your loved ones. The food, sweets and especially groundnuts is what makes Lohri special and different. So, if you ask me, festivals have not gone away. It’s just that traditions are different. Everyone is busy in their own work, so things change. So Lohri in Mumbai is different from Lohri in Punjab. I miss all the fun in Punjab, but my work is in Mumbai so I don’t mind celebrating here.

Sameksha: When I used to stay in Punjab I used to celebrate Lohri but since I am in Mumbai I haven’t celebrated. My childhood memories are about me and my brother collecting money from everyone. After that, all us neighbours, friends and relatives would gather around the fire and dance, sing and celebrate Lohri. The significance of Lohri is about welcoming the spring with its bountiful gifts and being thankful for all of nature’s blessings. It’s all these things which make Lohri the Indian thanksgiving festival!

Ssharad Malhotraa: Lohri represents full masti, because the weather is good and one really enjoys wearing good clothes, sitting around a bonfire. It gives positive vibes. I have many great memories from the time I lived in Kolkata. Our neighbours used to gather below our building and then we all would eat delicacies and later dance around the bonfire! This year, I will be celebrating Lohri it with my close friends in Mumbai. Later, I’ll probably go for dinner at a friend place.

Asmita Sood: I remember as a child going to my grandparents’ house to celebrate the festival also it is my mother’s birthday on the same day so it is a double celebration for us every year! I feel we should in our own small ways celebrate every festival that we identify with. Life these days has become very hectic and fast .but we should slow down for a bit and make these festivities count..they make beautiful memories that we can look back and smile upon wen we grow old!

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