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Listen: Tanuj Virwani on ‘Inside Edge 2’: “One character I wouldn’t mind playing is Angad’s”

Tanuj Virwani is set to reprise the role of Vayu Raghavan in Amazon Prime Video’s digital series ‘Inside Edge 2’. The new season, which goes live on Friday 6th December, has branded to be a lot more punchier, edgier and sassier.

In an interview with BizAsia’s Raj Baddhan, Virwani spoke candidly about what viewers can expect from the upcoming season, how his character has changed, plans for ‘Inside Edge 3’, film projects and the upcoming digital show ‘Code M’.

Virwani was also asked about any other character than his own in ‘Inside Edge’, who he would like to play if he had the chance. He told Baddhan, “I think if there’s one character I don’t mind dabbling would be Angad’s character. I think it’s a very well written character but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it as well as Angad.”

Angad Bedi plays one of the other pivotal characters on the show, named Arvind Vashishth.