Listen: BizAsia talks exclusively to Shreya Ghoshal on 30th birthday

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Shreya Ghoshal
BizAsia interviews Shreya Ghoshal on her 30th birthday

The queen of melody, Shreya Ghoshal, celebrates her birthday tomorrow (12th March). BizAsia had the unique opportunity to interview the singer on the eve of her 30th birthday. With questions from her fans and the theme being her ‘favourites’, Ghoshal speaks about her ghazal album ‘Humnasheen’ which was launched today (11th March) as well as the experience of performing at the Royal Albert all last year.

Our Showbiz Editor, Amrita Tanna, exclusively spoke to Ghoshal. Listen to the full interview here:��BizAsia interviews Shreya Ghoshal on her 30th birthday

Ghoshal will be returning to the Royal Albert Hall in London on 25th May as part of her UK tour 2014, the same weekend which will see her perform in Leicester (24th May) and Birmingham (26th May) too. For more information, please visit:��

BizAsia are official online partner of Shreya Ghoshal’s UK tour of 2014, presented by Rock On Music Ltd.