One of the first female Asian newscasters on national television, Lisa Aziz, is leaving ITV after withdrawing “serious and damaging” allegations against her colleagues at ITV West in Bristol.

The former Sky News presenter had been with ITV since 2006 but was reportedly going to make allegations of race, sex and age discrimination at a forthcoming employment tribunal.

Lisa said that she made the claims when she was “very angry and unwell.”

“I have enjoyed my time with ITV, but over the last few months I realise I made serious and damaging allegations against my Bristol colleagues and ITV managers,” she said.

“The allegations were made whilst I was very angry and unwell. I now withdraw all the allegations and wish to continue to develop my career.

“I leave ITV knowing that my time at ITV has been amongst the most fulfilling of my career in television and I have the highest regard for the quality of journalism produced there.”