Link FM Sheffield found in breach for failing to fulfil Ofcom requirements

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


Sheffield based Link FM has been found in breach of Ofcom rules and regulations.

Like all other community radio stations, Link FM is required to deliver ‘Key Commitments’, which form part of its licence. These Commitments set out how the Licensee will serve its target community and deliver social gain (benefits to the target community), and also include a description of the on-air service.

Ofcom received a complaint about the Licensee’s compliance with its Key Commitments. The complaint stated that the licensee was failing to meet its Key Commitments to broadcast a minimum of 16 hours of original output per day and 13 hours of locally produced output per day, and that Link FM was failing to broadcast in one of its main languages, Punjabi.

Ofcom’s decision is that is in breach of Licence Conditions 2(1) and 2(4) for failing to comply with the following Key Commitments:

• “The service provides original output for a minimum of 16 hours per day.”
• “The service provides locally-produced output for a minimum of 13 hours per day.”