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Lilly Singh diagnosed with ovarian cysts: “It hurts and I’m tired”

Comedian Lilly Singh recently revealed in an Instagram video that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and had to be taken to the hospital’s emergency room.

Singh shared a clip where she was lying on a hospital bed and wrote, “Spent the last day in the ER because my ovaries have the AUDACITY to be wielding out. Both of them have cysts. And I’m just out here like REALLY B?! Let me understand this. You’re going to make me suffer once a month and then IN ADDITION, stab me in between periods?! LOLOLOLOL. WOW. THE ENTITLEMENT… the NERVE. I’M WEAKKKK…. No but actually. It hurts and I’m tired lol but I truly expect nothing less than my organs doing the most. After all I am their mother.”

Star Jacqueline Fernandez and many other celebrities reacted to the video, wishing her a speedy recovery, reports the Hindustan Times.

Fernandez said, “Praying for you.” YouTuber Jesse Wellens added, “Sending love. You got this girl.” Singer Vidya Vox commented, “Omg nooooo! I hope you feel better!”

One fan commented on the video and said, “You are such a gem to portray this so easily and with ease jokes apart all the blessings and prayers for you to get this all good asap.”

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