LIFF 2015 Movie Review: ‘Monsoon’


As the London India Film Festival graced the many screens of the United Kingdom, it�۪s fair to say that with it�۪s 6th year running, this year seems to be better than ever.

Celebrating independent films made by some of the world�۪s most creative film-makers, audiences have had the brilliant opportunity to experience, films, documentaries, talks and discussion.

��Monsoon�۪ is a heartfelt and interesting documentary, shot by Canadian director Sturla Gunnarson, who travelled across India to explore how the monsoon affects different parts of the country and it�۪s people.

Narrated by Andrew T. MacKay (London), the film take it�۪s audiences through Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Pune and Mumbai depicting on how the people of India deal with this magnificence season. Audiences are introduced to different characters from each place; a bookie, who make a living on making bets about the weather (and always winning), a girl of 12 named Akhila Prasad, whose home get destroyed through the treacherous flood that the rain causes, and a tiffin-walla who works through the rain, making sure that all his clients get their lunch despite the conditions he is faced with. The film also looks into how scientist from each state liaise with each other about the monsoon itself, and how they decided when the monsoon season has actually begun. Travelling to the Mumbai slums, MacKay talks about how a community celebrate the monsoon, and make religious sacrifices as a part of their worship. Though quite disturbing at times, it proves another side to how people see the monsoon more than just a rainy season.

One major part of the whole documentary is the cinematography. Gunnarson and his team have done a commendable job in focusing on some of India�۪s most beautiful scenery. They have surely succeeded in portraying India in it�۪s most important time of the year, showing breath-taking views and dream-like wonders that India has to offer.

This documentary is a celebration of India as a nation. Gunnarson has managed to tell a story that portrays unity, belief and love. It shows how people come together in both celebration and devastation. Focusing on different people�۪s lives, where ages differ as well as profession, the film puts into light that however much they go through, India is a country where they deal will things, and how they never give up.


BizAsia Showbiz Rating: 4.5/5

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