Life Ok to launch ‘Ek Tha Chandar..’ in 19:00 slot

Star Life Ok
Star Life Ok

Life Ok has confirmed the launch of its new fiction ‘Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha’, which will launch in September in the weekday 19:00 slot.

The show is based on the iconic novel, ��Gunahon Ka Devta�۪ written by Dharamvir Bharati. The legendary author who was awarded the Padma Shri in 1972 is also known for his creations like Suraj ka Satvan Ghoda and Andha Yug. ��Gunahon Ka Devta�۪ was published in 1949 and 71 editions of the book have been published so far.

The novel was written at a time when Indians were moving from colonialism to independence but were still engulfed by regressive norms within the country. ��Gunahon Ka Devta�۪ was path breaking as it was the first Hindi novel that honestly talked about tabooed subjects like sexuality, caste and religious discrimination. The book boldly questioned the place of sex in ideal love, an untouched and controversial topic that resonated deeply with the youth of that time. The book written way ahead of its time inspired an entire generation of writers and movie makers to court the conflict between physical and platonic love more openly. In the last 65 years, multiple film makers have tried to adapt the story, but have found it extremely difficult to portray the complex set of relationships on screen. The only known adaption today is a movie with Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bhaduri and Rekha in the lead roles, but the film was never released.

Set in the backdrop of Allahabad, it is the story of the young, fervent and mischievous Sudha and the gifted researcher Chandar who is a prot̩g̩ of her father. The bond that Chandar and Sudha share is that of two good-humoured, inseparable friends, and neither understands that their relationship may have a name. It is only when Chandar is asked to convince Sudha to get married to a man of her father�۪s choice, that it is apparent how the two pine for each other. The story questions the boundaries defined by our society and redefines the very idea of love. The love between Chandar and Sudha transcends the realms of physical proximities. It�۪s a tale of unadulterated, self-sacrificing and overwhelming romance that is as relevant today as it was six decades ago.

‘Ek Tha Chandar Ek Thi Sudha’ stars Rahil Azzam and Umang Jain. It launches on Monday 21st September at 19:00.

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