Legal action against mispresentation of aid worker in ‘Phantom’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Katrina Kaif & Saif Ali Khan in 'Phantom'
Katrina Kaif & Saif Ali Khan in ‘Phantom’

In Kabir Khan directed ‘Phantom’ which releases today, Katrina Kaif’s character is playing a role which is of an aid worker. Aid charity��M̩decins Sans Fronti̬res (MSF) has said it is taking legal action due to the fact that Kaif’s character’s confusing similarities with its employees – because she is seen using a weapon in the film which is something against its ethic.

MSF’s workers work in conflict zones doing important work for communities and it feels that reputation could be harmed due to the depiction in ‘Phantom’. In the film, MSF is not named but it says there are too many similarities. A statement read, “The same character was also shown holding a gun in the film’s trailer, something an MSF staff member would never do”.

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