Laloo Prasad appears on ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Indian politician (Union Minister for Railways) Laloo Prasad Yadav has agreed to appear on ZEE TV’s hit show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: Challenge 2007’, according to Mumbai Mirror.

However, before he accepted the offer, he made sure the contestants would only wear Indian attire. Even the show’s theme, which was earlier a western one, had to be changed to an Indian theme on Laloo’s insistence.

A source told Mumbai Mirror, “The creative team of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa were quite apprehensive before approaching Laloo. They were wondering if he’d accept their offer. But, they were pleasantly surprised when the Laloo agreed to be a guest on the show. But, he had just one pre-condition. His public relation officer told the creative team that Laloo wants none of the female participants to wear western clothes.”

Payaol Patel, creative director of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, confirms the news and says, “It was easy to approach Lalooji’s as his PRO is an avid watcher of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. As the episode’s theme is UP-Bihar, all the female participants will be wearing ghagra-cholis while the male participants, judges and anchor will be wearing dhoti and kurta. Getting the Union Minister for Railways as a guest on our show is a big achievement for us, so we are also transforming the set into a village.”

The security measures on the show have been made tighter for Laloo’s arrival. The security arrangements were already very high after Himesh Reshmamiya, who is a judge on the show, got threats from the underworld.

The Laloo special episode will be screened on ZEE TV UK, US and India this weekend.