Kunal Kohli’s theory on Bollywood’s promotional gimmicks

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Filmmaker Kunal Kohli took it to Twitter, egging on the promotional gimmicks of Bollywood post the success of ‘Baahubali 2’ success.

As per Kohli’s theory on a movie’s progression to escalating heights of crossing Rs 1000 crore universally, it was pointless appearing on various unrelated reality or comedy shows.

Deccan Chronicle quotes Kohli as having said, “What has a singing reality show or a comedy show got to do with the premise of the film? Is the film based on any of these themes, is the film about any of these shows?”

‘Baahubali 2’ had none of its stars appearing on such singing or comedy shows to gain their audience. Kohli further elaborates, “After Baahubali 2, look at Aamir Khan’s Dangal, these two films are the biggest hits in the recent past, and both the films did not feel the need to promote their films — they did this well solely based on merit.”

Film historian, SMM Ausaja agreed with him to an adequate extent. He said, “People who are affected by the film’s promotional tactics show up only on the first day of collection. After that, the only thing that takes the film ahead is the storyline and the merit.”

Ultimately, it is indeed the storyline that could coax the audience and either make or break it into a success or flop respectively.

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Jassie S.