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Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Kumar Sanu confirmed for ‘Bigg Boss 14’

Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan Kumar Sanu has been named as the first contestant in the upcoming ‘Bigg Boss 14’ series on Colors.

Like his veteran father, Jaan is also a singer. At the show’s press conference on Thursday, Jaan was given tips by last year’s winner, Sidharth Shukla. He told Jaan to stand up for himself and be honest.

Responding to that, Jaan said, “Wolves always attack in packs while a lion walks alone. So if I am constantly poked, I would try and sort the matter. But if it gets too much, I will respond appropriately and it could be that they don’t like my responses!”

As it was announced at the launch, this year’s ‘Bigg Boss’ house will include a cinema room, a shopping mall and a spa area.

‘Bigg Boss 14’ kicks off on Colors on Saturday 3rd October.