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Kriti Sanon to gain 15kg for ‘Mimi’

For her forthcoming film ‘Mimi’, Kriti Sanon will be gaining weight to transform her physical look for the role.

Reported on Pinkvilla, Sanon is required to put on 15kg for her character, however it’s proving a bit of a challenge for the ‘Panipat’ (2019) actress, “For me, putting on so many kilos is actually a challenge as it’s very new for my body. I have to in a way fight my metabolism and increase my calorie intake to gain that much weight in a short time. But I’m excited to see the transformation. It’s a role very close to my heart and I want to give it everything I can, even if that means not taking up any other work in the process.”

A close source shared in order for Sanon to gain the extra pounds she had to increase her carb and fat intake, as well as increasing the quantity of every meal and the calorie intake and eating when she was not hungry.

Directed by Laxman Utekar, ‘Mimi’ is a remake of Samroudhhi Porey’s Marathi film ‘Mala Aai Vhhaychy’ (2010), which tells the story of a surrogate mother. The film also stars Sai Tamhankar and Pankaj Tripathi. ‘Mimi’ is lsated to release in August 2020.