KriArj Entertainment to move High Court against Abhishek Kapoor

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


The fallout between ‘Kedarnath’ producers KriArj Entertainment and director Abhishek Kapoor is thought to get uglier. It’s thought the production house will be moving High Court to confirm their right for the film over Kapoor.

KriArj’s lawyer said, in a statement, according to Pinkvilla, “We will be moving the Bombay High Court for enforcing our rights on the film by early next week and we hope to secure the necessary reliefs from the honourable court”.

“There is enough material to show that KriArj has complied with all its commitments as per their understanding with Abhishek Kapoor/GITS. As I understand, there have been several serious defaults by GITS of its duties and obligations towards KriArj, including there being severe delays in the production of the film which was completely in a mess right from the start of the film for reasons solely attributable to GITS. Inspite of the above, KriArj provided its unconditional support to GITS and continued to make huge investments in the film till it was realised that the amounts were not being used for the right purposes,” he added.

Kapoor’s lawyer had said previously, “The purported allegations of KriArj are frivolous and have no basis. GITS states that KriArj’s actions are clearly an afterthought; and have been made only after the agreement was terminated by GITS on account of default committed by KriArj. KriArj has no right of lien or NOC as claimed by them”.

The film, which stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan, was one that many were looking forward to – more so because the latter was to make her debut. Whether the film will now see light of day remains to be seen.