STAR TV’s popular chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ is returning to screens in February.

The programme will once again be hosted by the ever successful Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar; “I start shooting in January and I already have the guests lined up, of course. Who are they? Well there’re only ten superstars followed by ten stars. So I can’t vary the list from the first time. What I’m doing is to bring the stars in combination with sports-persons and politicians.”

Apparently Karan’s wish-list of non-film celebrities on ‘Koffee With Karan 2’ will include a host of high-profile industrialists and sports-persons.

Says Karan, “We can’t reveal names. But yes, they’re names to reckon with. While the Q &A format remains unchanged I’ll have to use a bit more hair dye, and the set by Sharmista Roy has changed. Yes, she has designed a completely new look for ‘Koffee_Part 2’. I hope to serve up a better brew this season_.The coffee this time will be hopefully more steamy , heady and sexy_. Of course since I’m the host the quotient of sexiness is already very high,” jokes the host with the most.

One major change that STAR will introduce into the ‘Koffee…’ format is a live audience. Says a channel source, “Last time we felt the Karan’s show would’ve surely benefited from the presence of an audience on the sets. After all, there’s so much happening on the show.”

The other exciting happening regarding Karan’s talk show is that all the episodes from the first season will now be available on DVD. Star felt there was a large audience wanting to see all the episodes repeatedly. We’re releasing the DVD version of ‘Koffee with Karan’ in January. It will first be out first in the UK and then in India.” This is the first time that an Indian talk show on television will be available on the DVD format.

Is Karan looking forward to his return to television? “Oh absolutely! I love seeing myself on television. I love the thought of being watched by millions. As a child I was totally shunned by everyone. No one wanted to give this over-weight kid with a 42-inch waistline the time of the day. As a child I was ‘Bridget Jones’. Guess I’m making up for that now.”

‘Koffee With Karan 2’ returns to STAR Plus in the UK and in India on STAR World.

Karan Johar’s friend Shah Rukh Khan will be taking the stage for the new series of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ in January. STAR certainly has months of starry shows ahead to keep Bollywood fans entertained.