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Koena Mitra on her differences with Salman Khan in ‘Bigg Boss 13’

Following her eviction from the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Koena Mitra has broken her silence on her differences with the ‘Bigg Boss 13’ host, Salman Khan.

In an interview with SpotBoyE, Mitra shared that she didn’t agree with Khan’s attitude or behaviour towards her, “I think Salman, his attitude and his behaviour towards me was making things very obvious. I wasn’t really shocked as somewhere I was expecting it. If you have seen the weekend ka vaar episode, you must have observed as to how he was defending the wrong people. He was defending their actions and his own action was in favour of their wrong actions.”

Mitra referenced this to when she was being criticised by Shehnaaz Gill in the house, which the ‘Musafir’ (2004) actress felt was dismissed by Khan when she told him, “Shehnaaz Gill mocking me, my work, appearance and acting skill. So, when you do it behind somebody’s back, it is called bitching and making fun of that person. Sometimes people also came and told me about it. And when I told Shehnaaz, please show me these things, she would run. Eventually, I told Salman that she mocks at me and criticises me. He immediately defended her by saying that people are loving it. That was quite shocking for me as I don’t think any Indian would love somebody indulging in mockery, personal attacks or judgments. Indians are not so weak.”

Speaking about her argument with Khan, Mitra said she has no qualms about standing up to Khan, “A lot of people can’t handle fearless, strong, opinionated, independent women. Well, I said that in front of host Salman Khan also that aapko lagta hai ki Hindustan mein graceful, strong, valuable foundation walon ke liye fan following nahi hai? Kyuki andar bhi log yahi halla machate hain. To which he replied, ‘For dignity there is another platform Koena’. So this means that Salman Khan gives an official statement that the show’s platform doesn’t command and demand dignity. So, I think now the nation has to decide what they actually want to see. My only goal was 24 hours in front of camera to set an example for our youth that in spite of being pulled down, you have to be yourself. If the show’s concept changes your behaviour and personality, that is not right and I didn’t allow this concept to change my personality and foundation. And I am extremely proud of it, even my parents are liking it. My parents and me have the same question that mujhe evict kisne kiya?”

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