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KJo has mutual admiration for Priyanka Chopra

A very dapper KJo at his 40th birthday bash

Much was reported about the rift between film-maker Karan Johar and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra. However, following Johar’s 40th birthday celebrations, it seems the two have rekindled their bond. Johar himself��has confessed to a mutual respect between himself and Chopra.

“What happened was in the past and we are perfectly great with each other now. We have mutual admiration for each other, both personally and professionally, and it�۪s all good,” said Johar, as reported by Hindustan Times. Johar was seen lashing out at Chopra on Twitter regarding an article published by a Mumbai tabloid in defence of the actress’s rumoured affair with his best buddy Shah Rukh Khan.

There seems to be��much effort being made to iron out the differences between all involved parties that were affected by this alleged bond between Khan and Chopra. Johar’s forthright attitude of late is sure to have helped brush the rumours under the carpet. It remains to be seen for how long they will be forgotten about.