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Kirron Kher @ 70: The comedic mother

Her iconic characters have left such an impression on the audience that it is hard to say which one is her best. While she can pull off any role when it comes to comedy, she can beat many actors hands down. This year Kirron Kher is celebrating her 70th birthday and with it we as her fans hope to see more of her work in the years to come.

To mark her 70th birthday, will look at six films in which the actress played the comedic mother.

‘Dostana’ (2008)

When Sam’s mother finds out her son is in a relationship with a man she travels across the other side of the world to see her son. While her son pleads with her that this is all a big lie, she is heartbroken that all the dreams she saw were slowly breaking one by one. In the end she does accept her son’s relationship although the relationship doesn’t really exist and gives the couple her blessings.
Kher expressed her feelings so well that even though most of her scenes were comical the audience could understand her character’s feelings and where she was coming from. She was the overprotective mother who didn’t quite understand what was happening in her son’s life but was willing to accept anything for his happiness. Her comedy timing was just outstanding no one could have done her role so well.

‘Om Shanti Om’ (2007)

Bela Makhija (Kher) has a real passion for acting however her only problem is that she overacts. Even her own son tells her that he can understand why she never became an actress as she over does it. Kher made every person watching laugh hysterically with her facial expressions and her gestures, mimicking the 70’s Indian mothers on screen. Who can forget that one scene where she literally has one line to say and after being rushed to perform she complains that she forgot her line. The famous ‘andaar mat jana’ (don’t go inside) again our queen of overacting doesn’t fail to make the audience laugh.

‘Hum Tum’ (2004)

Mrs Parminder Prakash, lovingly known as Bobby was a colourful character played by Kher. If she was a real person surely everyone would fall in love with her. Her affection, her good nature and of course her speaking without thinking first made her stand out from the rest. If anything, her relationship with her daughter was a special one. They seemed more like sisters or best friends who shared everything together rather than a mother and daughter.

Kher’s scenes with Saif Ali Khan were at times so funny that it was hard to control ones laughter. Be it the wedding scene when Bobby (Kher) introduces herself to Karan (Ali Khan) and confronts him about the ladoos or when Karan calls her from Paris and she shouts down the phone.

‘Action Replayy’ (2010)

Bholi Devi (Kher) was nothing like her name which means innocent. The ways of the world had taught her to become strong and wise. She was a single mother bringing up her daughter alone and in order to survive she not only toughened her heart but also spoke bitterly too. This style of hers may seem very severe but it was only the case when she spoke to her neighbour Rai Bahadur (Om Puri). They both couldn’t stand one another, their interactions would mostly consist of them arguing about each other’s rights etc. Although Kher had a short role her performance managed to remain memorable.

‘Khoobsurat’ (2014)

Manju Chakravarty (Kher) was the star of this film. Whether she was in the scene or not her name was often mentioned. Her daughter Mili often spoke of her mother, the only thing was people often thought she was talking about her sister because of the way she referred to her. Kher’s character had many layers she was a mother, a friend and at times an advisor to her daughter.

After Manju (Kher) interacts with the royal family that Mili is working for she is annoyed by their extravagance and their way of not addressing the problem but rather avoiding it. Manju takes out her anger on the prince and sarcastically asks him what is this ‘hum, hum (us, us) business?’. Without Kher this film would have been incomplete.

‘Singh Is Kinng’ (2008)

Kher’s character was of a loving woman who showered her motherly love to all around her. When Happy (Akshay Kumar) appears outside her shop she is frightened thinking he’s a thief but he assures her that he is harmless. Seeing his condition not only does she give him food and shelter but she also shouts at him in her Punjabi mother style as to why he is living the way he is.

Kher played the role of a helpless mother who was trying to provide for her daughter’s education by running her flower shop. There was a time they were surrounded by wealth and were leading a good life but then everything changed. Her daughter was unaware of what had happened and thought that they were still wealthy and after completing her studies was going to return home. Seeing her worried, Happy (Kumar) wants to repay her for her kindness as he truly sees her as his mother and she sees him as her son. In this role done by Kher we got to see all emotions from comedy to drama but luckily more comedy to keep the audience smiling.

The team at wishes Kirron Kher a very happy birthday!